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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kink meme?

From Fanlore.org:
Kink memes are commentfic fests found usually on Livejournal or other journaling services with similar threaded comment capability.

Fans post prompts, which can range from the very vague to so exact they are nearly story outlines, and other fans fill the request by responding with custom-made fan works, usually fanfic, but sometimes with fan art.

Most kink memes will have content that meets either or both fannish definitions of kink, and not all fills are sexually explicit. The anonymous nature of the meme permits both prompters and fillers to have fewer inhibitions in making and filling requests, and may be a way for new fans to feel more comfortable about participating.

What counts as a "small fandom"?

If it doesn't have an active kink or prompt meme of its own, a fandom qualifies as "small" for the purposes of this community. That means we include medium-sized but less fic-oriented fandoms, and large fandoms that are old enough that they've passed out of the larger fannish consciousness. If it qualifies for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide or [community profile] not_primetime it almost definitely belongs here.

What qualifies as an "active" kink meme?

For the purposes of this community, an active kink meme is one in which at least one fill was posted in the last six months.

Do I need to warn when prompting for certain kinks or pairings?

[community profile] smallfandomkinkmeme is a choose not to warn community. While warning for common squicks (non-con, incest, underage, etc.) is appreciated, it is not required. You may see things here that you find distasteful, immoral, or triggering, and by using this community you accept that responsibility. Please be conscious of your own needs and limits when browsing.

So, I can prompt anything?

Pretty much, yes. However, we do not tolerate kink-shaming, bullying, or hate speech. So you can request prompts that touch on real-world intolerances (e.g. homophobia, interracial), but you are not allowed to attack a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation. Additionally, you may not prompt or post anything that violates Dreamwidth's Terms of Service.

What's allowed as a fill?

Fic, art, filk, vids, etc. Anything fannish counts!

Where can I post my fills?

Wherever you like. You can post it directly to the community, or to another fic site like AO3 or Wattpad, your own website, as long as you leave a link to the fill under the prompt and on the Fill page. Comments posted to the community must be anonymous, but fills need not stay anonymous.

Can you ban me, so I don't accidentally post logged in?

Yep! Just drop a comment at this thread the mod post or email smallfandomkinkmeme AT gmail DOT com, and you'll be banned.

Is there an AO3 collection?

Yep! It's Small Fandom Kink Meme.

What about a tumblr?

You can find us at [tumblr.com profile] smallfandomkinkmeme.

I have a question that's not answered by this post or the rules post!

You can contact us by commenting on this post, the mod post (where comments are screened) or emailing smallfandomkinkmeme AT gmail DOT com.

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